Meet Your Dentist

Dr. Margaret Bradley

Dr. Margaret Bradley always knew she wanted to be a dentist. Born and raised in Crosby, Texas, Dr. Bradley remembers loving the dentist’s office as a kid.

“Every time I went to the dentist, it seemed like everyone was in a good mood and having fun,” she said. “I told my mom that I wanted a job where I could have fun every day. I was only seven years old and I figured out that’s what I wanted to do.”

Dr. Bradley attended Texas State University in San Marcos, where she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. Following her undergraduate studies she went on to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a dentist. She attended The University of Texas School Dental Branch in Houston, and graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2010.

Dr. Bradley strives to form individual relationships with each of her patients. She enjoys connecting with them as she teaches them about their oral health, answers their questions, and works to calm any fears they may be having. Dr. Bradley has a passion for helping her patients and is especially sensitive to the needs of those patients who walk in our doors with very real dental anxiety.

“I love knowing that I get to help people smile, to laugh without covering their mouths,” she said. “I love building relationships with real people. I am friends with my patients. I love being their friend, not just their dentist.”

We do have one word of warning for you, however, before you arrive for your first appointment. Dr. Bradley is always singing along to whatever genre of music is playing in the office that day. And although her music career never quite took off, thank goodness dentistry was such an amazing fit for her! Singing makes her happy, and you will often hear her singing softly (and sometimes loudly) which her patients say makes them feel more calm and relaxed.

Aside from being a full time dentist, Dr. Bradley is also a mom. At home, she soaks in the busy chaos of motherhood; spending time with her family and making memories in the simple moments of life with her adventurous kids. Dr. Bradley enjoys reading, being crafty and creative, taking photos of her kids, scrapbooking, and journaling all their family adventures together.

We want to see your smile!